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Zachery Alexander

Zachery Alexander was born November 10, 2007, three weeks early and weighing just 4 lbs. 13 oz. He was diagnosed with tricuspid atresia and had his first heart surgery in December. Throughout January ’08 he stayed at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans battling the flu and feeding issues.
In February, Zachery’s mother, Rebecca, contracted staph pneumonia and very suddenly passed away. He continued to fight through unexplained fevers, and in March, Rebecca’s brother, Randy, and his wife, Kimberly, brought Zachery home to Mobile to be a part of their family.

In May Zachery’s congestive heart failure worsened, and his wonderful cardiologist, Dr. Lynn Batten, sent him to UAB for his next heart surgery. During the Glenn procedure, they began to reroute his circulatory system to bypass the malformed right side of his heart. Zachery came through it beautifully and was home in 8 days.

Throughout the Summer, Zachery struggled to gain weight and fight through choking spells. During an upper GI another heart defect was discovered. His right subclavian artery is wrapped around his esophagus and could be a partial cause of the choking that is so unpleasant for him. Zachery will be spending the rest of this week (Oct 21 – 24) at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham undergoing tests and possibly a small surgery to unwrap his nissenfundoplication. He is gaining weight and eating well, and is a very happy, easygoing baby. He loves and is loved by his big sister and brother, Laura Kate and Davis, and is just irresistible with his red hair and big smile.