Jayden Logan

Jayden Logan is the youngest of four LaCoste children. He is a happy, vibrant, and ever-so-curious 3-year-old. That curiosity got the best of him in March of 2009 when he discovered some matches. Hiding in the master bedroom closet, Jayden lit a match and threw it on the floor. When his brother, Hunter, walked into the room all he saw was fire with Jayden in the middle of it. Due to Hunter’s quick action,
I was able to pull Jayden from the fire before it got too far out of control. The next few weeks were some of the toughest we’ve experienced as a family. Jayden was sent to Birmingham to be treated at UAB Children’s Hospital for second and third degree burns on both arms and legs. While my husband went with Jayden, I was sent to USA Women’s and Children’s Hospital to be treated for second and third degree burns on my right arm. We had no idea the expenses we would incur in a crisis such as this, but the gift from the Riley and Raylee Angel Ride Foundation was able to ease some of our stress.

Today, Jayden is healed completely with only minimal scarring. He is still just as curious as ever! We are so thankful to God for his precious life and for organizations like the Angel Ride Foundation who are willing to help in time of need.

Trisha LaCoste