Angel Ride Foundation
Emma Pierce

This is the story of a miracle. It all started on October 3, 2003, with the birth of our daughter, Emma Lavinia Pierce. Two days later, her pediatrician heard a slight heart murmur, an ultra sound was done on Emma's heart. A few small holes were found, so Emma was sent to a cardiologist when she was seven days old. Emma's diagnosis was good, several holes were found in her heart bout would heal, but as Emma's heart healed, she was getting worse. As the holes healed, less oxygenated blood was pumped into Emma's limbs, she was dying.

A very scared Mom, Dad and Grandmother arrived at Tulane University Medical Center, in New Orleans on December 24, 2003. We celebrated a Cajun Christmas waiting on news of Emma's condition. Surgery was scheduled for December 29th. We met Emma's surgeon at 8am, we were told they were the best, "The A Team/The Asian Team". They called from the operating room every hour to let us know her progress, at 11am she was removed from the heart by-pass machine, her heart was beating on its own and she would soon be on her way to the PICU. We were allowed to see her, but not hold her. Emma was in PICE for five days, everyday something was removed, a tube, a wire or a medication.

Upon arriving home, trying to get back to a normal routine with my son, Joseph and with Emma, we were told about the Angel Ride Foundation. The Angel Ride Foundation not only gave us financial support, but emotional support as well. Thanks to the Foundation we were able to pay for some of our new expenses.

Many Thanks,
Jason, Jodie, Joseph and Emma Pierce